How to Monitor or Send OBS Studio Feed to Another TV/Monitor

When I first started using OBS studio I desperately wanted to monitor what people were seeing without having to log into the stream on the user end (for me that would be logging into YouTube to monitor with a delay). A little later I wanted to send the feed locally and realtime within our building without having to put another computer together.

I tried a couple things and searched a lot of forums but didn’t find a great answer. I even learned how to send the stream over our local network (I hope to post on that soon because it is fun) but that takes up a lot of bandwidth, still may need another computer, and involves a bit more delay than going direct.

So here are some steps to send the feed over a monitor connection such as HDMI to one or multiple monitors. You can modify the steps as needed for your specific situation.

  1. Connect a television (or monitor with audio) with HDMI input to your video card (your video card will need to have multiple outputs) and turn it on before your computer
  2. Go to Settings (lower right side) in OBS Studio and set your monitor sound to go out your HDMI port to your TV Monitor.
  3. Go back to your video screen and right click your camera picture and select Fullscreen Projector and your TV Monitor.

4. Now check your TV Monitor sound and picture to see if they are in time with each other. On my system there is a slight delay on the video capture card so the sound comes through first from my sound capture device. Go to your device’s sound settings (gear icon on the bottom center mixer) and Advanced Audio Properties. Set the sync offset by 10 ms increments until everything is in sync. Make sure your monitoring is on for that device of course.

That’s it! You should now see a realtime or almost realtime (depending on your capture devices) feed that you can use for monitoring the livestream or for sending to another room in your building. If you want to send to multiple monitors use an HDMI splitter–you may need to make sure the monitors all have the same aspect ratio for this to work. Also remember to turn on at least one monitor before your computer or these things aren’t likely to work this way. I hope it goes well!

( we are using an Elgato Capture card and a Focusrite audio card like below)

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