AViPAS Starter Settings

If you have a new AViPAS PTZ camera and you are anything like me, you may be shocked when you first start it up. That is because the auto contrast, color, and other lighting settings might not present your room very well. In my case, our projector screens were blowing out the image and putting a bunch of strange digital lines on our live stream feed.

In the camera menu (accessible via remote control) or once you have connected to the camera via IP, you can begin to manually modify the settings to meet your needs. Here are some starter ideas.

On Video Parameters, start with the Style section. Do this first because it will overwrite any other settings you do. For me, this got things close to what I needed (made the projector screen look a lot better).

I then set the focus to manual (my preference) and the exposure to auto (which gave me a brighter image than I could get manually for some reason).

Set your color settings. I had to dial down the saturation on mine (and then I added some back to my livestream using OBS).

Finally, set your image settings. I didn’t find that the NR (noise reduction) settings made much difference in my case.

Your settings will be retained by the camera. I hit refresh a few times here and there. The camera may want to reboot. Enjoy!

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