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AV-1081W 10x Full HD HDMI PTZ Camera with IP Live Streaming - White

I'll write more on this soon, but I looked through many cameras for live streaming, and I found one PTZ camera (pan, tilt, zoom, via remote control or computer, etc), that is $1000 cheaper than PTZ Optics cameras (which look great), and is from a California company. I also needed on that could show a projection screen and a room at the same time (the projection screen is much brighter typically than the room--depending on your lighting). The answer was AViPAS. For about $620 plus the $55 wall mount (Amazon price varies depending on availability), I have a great camera that can do all those things and has a two year warranty. I'm not sponsored by them or anything, but I am including some links to Amazon. The trick is to go into settings and manually adjust the picture as needed. I'll post some more on that soon. Check it out! The one below outputs via hdmi or IP (yes via IP) but there are other versions available as well including a wide angle version. Also multiple colors (white version in picture above). Previously I had used Panasonic camcorders--the newer ones have HDR which evens out the high and low contrast areas--but while great, they do not work for streaming while on a PTZ stand (or so I have been told--I didn't want to try it after people said it didn't work). I've been overjoyed to find a camera that does so many things for such a low price. Look for my AViPAS base settings post here.

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